The AJOC Festival is held every September of every year. This is a festival that celebrates life and the time of the Passover. During this event, a concert will be held on a large customized tent where thousands of registered attendees will be part of the audience. If you want to be present in this momentous event every year, you can sign up online on our website. If you register online, you can also be part of our raffle for voucher codes and coupon codes on products and other souvenirs.

What we are

The festival first started in 1992. It was actually a collaboration of the different clubs in the Netherlands. The goal of the club is to provide a three-day event for people who just want to rest, relax, and have fun during the September celebration. The event transformed into a festival that everyone wants to be part of. The pioneer concert started with just three bands performing every day. Now, because of the popularity of the event, hundreds of local and national bands sign up to this festival. The organizers of the festival choose from among the hundreds of registrants and see which band can perform on the three-day event.

What we do

We offer songs from the most popular national and local talents in the Netherlands. You can go inside the huge concert tent made especially for this festival. If you want to eat, you can dine in restaurants situated around the tent. You will also find souvenir shops and sellers of other products in the area.