Places to Visit While in the Netherlands

If you are going to the AJOC Festival this coming September, you might as well enjoy your stay in the Netherlands. Most tourists would book a flight to the country and enjoy the sights and sounds for one week. Since you will be attending the AJOC Festival for three straight days, you should make your stay here in the Netherlands as long as possible. But since you will be staying for quite a while, you can save on other stuff while you are in the country. You can get Abubot discount code if you are bringing your kids. You can use code promo Wayfair if you feel getting outdoor stuff. You can also use Aliexpress coupon code for mobile cover to protect your mobile phone from wear and tear while you travel.

Van Gogh Museum

amsterdamArt has many shapes and sizes. And it comes in all forms. One style of expressing art is through paintings. Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most iconic artists of his time. Up until today, the name resounds in our mind and in our hearts as his post-impressionist style of painting is something that feels very near to us no matter who you are.

The Netherlands has a museum that is named after this painter. The museum houses most of his works as well as the paintings of his contemporaries. It is quite amazing that a lot of artworks that existed at that time still survived the generation today. They provide inspiration and motivation for artists to hone their crafts and be better at their work.

The streets of Amsterdam

If you can paint the Netherlands in one artwork, then it can be summarized by taking a snapshot of Amsterdam. For first-time travelers to the country, Amsterdam is one way to completely immerse yourself in the culture of the Netherlands. For one, you should ride a bike when you are going somewhere. The bicycle is such an integral part of being a Dutch. You should also be on a canal tour. Go over and under the streets of Amsterdam to have a complete view of the city.