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The AJOC Festival may have been known as the special event to go to when you are looking for something to do in September. It is a place where different bands meet and see the fans in a once a year event. The festival has grown to be one of the most popular in all of the Netherlands. Because of the popularity of this festival, many people would go to Mijdrecht in order to watch local and national bands perform right in front of them. The AJOC Festival has been synonymous with great concerts and a good promo for special discounts on products.

But do you know that you can still do a lot of things outside the tent if you want to rest your ears and provide new stimulation for yourself? Here is a list of the top –abled things to do in Mijdrecht.

Restaurants and food stalls

You can find a lot of restaurants and food stalls around the concert tents during the celebration of the AJOC Festival. Feed your palette with different kinds of food and quench your thirst by drinking various drinks around the area. You will have the time of your life strolling and visiting the foods stalls that are set up during the whole three-day event.

Do you want full-course meals? How about dining at the closest restaurants in the area. We have affiliate restaurants that provided us with coupon codes on products. All you have to do is to download the coupon code, present the code to the front desk, and complete your transaction through the acknowledgment of the person in charge.

Fun activities

Aside from concerts, families with small kids can still go to the AJOC Festival and have fun as they try the activities provided for those who want their children to enjoy. Your kids can play outside, shoot balls and darts, and event checks out performances from different personalities.