Internationally Famous Festivals in Netherlands

The HagueFor those who love traveling and having fun, Netherlands is a top choice when it comes to attending festivals. They literally have a festival about anything. From tulips to film to music. And all of these festivals will give you a taste of the Dutch culture and experience.

The abundance of lively Dutch Festival will make your schedule full. So if you are looking for colorful and quirky celebration together with the world’s funnest international crowd, then make sure that you free up your weekend whenever you are in the Netherlands because you will really have a great time enjoying in their festivals.

The following are some of our favorite festivals in the Netherlands.

New Year’s Dive

Start the year fresh and right and take a dive at the start of the year. The origin of this festival was in 1960 when it started as a swim club. As of today, there are more than 200 dive locations all over the Netherlands. So if you are planning to do the dive, make sure that you plan beforehand because in some locations, you will have 60,000 people together with you so you might not have enough space. After the dive, you will be presented with a warm cup of meaty pea soup.

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new years dive

Rotterdam International Film Festival

This international film festival is one of the most popular film festivals in the Netherlands and gained an international reputation because of the quality of films that they show. For almost 10 days, film buffs all over the world flock to Amsterdam to watch around 500 films coming from 50 countries.

Chinese New Year

Netherlands is a multicultural country with a large Chinese community. Most of these communities are living in the Rotterdam, the Hague, and the Amsterdam. That’s why during this day, there are a lot of events that celebrate Chinese New Year that you can participate in. There are some dragon parades, lion dances, and amazing fireworks that you can watch. There are also some special activities that you can partake in including tea ceremonies, music performances and some calligraphy workshops. Also, there are a lot of food that you can taste even on the street and other street markets. This will really give you a preview of the Chinese culture in Amsterdam.

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chinese new year

Mardi Gras

Netherlands is the location of some of the world’s most extravagant and lively carnivals. For three years, the Prince Carnivals or the Prince of Fools and his entourage will tour the city to do amazing performances, with increasing people watching their shows. They have great ad colorful costumes that attract locals and tourists alike into their performance. This is really a once in a lifetime experience.

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