Why You Should Go to the AJOC Festival

concertThe AJOC Festival is a great way to spend September together with your family and friends or even by yourself. It is a three-day festivity wherein you get to dance your heart out, sing at the top of your lungs, and satisfy your food cravings in just one event. You do not have to go far to experience the festival. It is held in Mijdrecht, a town that is just between Utrecht and Amsterdam.

If you have not heard of this event, then you belong to only a few who doesn’t. It is actually a very huge event that happens in the country every September. It lasts for three days with each day having a grand celebration. Same as it was originally designed, you can sing your favorite songs in front of live bands in concerts. You can also dance the night away on the third day of the festival.

You can buy tickets with special discounts if you shop online. You can also get souvenirs for the event in advance through online shops like Lazada and Zalora.

So, why should you go to the AJOC Festival?

It will give you rest

The main focus of the festival is to give you a break to your usual routine and give thanks to the Almighty for giving you all the blessings that you have today. One way to say thanks is to celebrate it through music. You can take a break from work or school by going to this festival. It is open to single professionals and even families because of the number of activities that you can do on the whole three days.


You can enjoy listening to bands

Before, only the second day of the event has a concert series. Three to four bands play from the afternoon until midnight. But because of the number of visitors that go to this festival every year, more and more bands want to be part of this event. Today, the whole three-day event celebrates music by giving people what they want. Bands from all across the city and the country create good harmony as they play one after the other in the AJOC Festival. You will only be spending a few dollars and you can watch ten to 20 bands perform in three days.